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Rajasthan GK Question Sample Paper 24

Rajasthan GK Question Sample Paper 24: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper No. 24 with Collection of Rajasthan GK Questions under GK Quiz in  Rajasthan GK Sample Papers.

Q.459 Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) is launched in ?
A. Rajasthan
B. Maharashtra
D. Bihar
Ans: B

Q.460 Who is Current Governor of Rajasthan ?
A. Shivraj Singh
B. Kamla Beniwal
C. Margret Alva
D. Ashok Gehlot

Q.461 Where in Rajasthan is famous enamel Jewellery(MENAKARI GAHANE) made:
A. Jaipur
B. Jodhpur
C. Udaipur
D. Bharatpur

Q.462 Which of the following cities is the biggest producer of Cement in Rajasthan ?
A. Jodhpur
B. Jaipur
C. Chittorgarh
D. Nagaur
Ans: C

Q.463 Who among following was NOT Speaker of Rajasthan Assembly ?
A. Sumitra Singh
B. Nathuram Sinodia
C. Gopal Singh
D. Parasram Maderna
Ans: B

Q.464 In which district of Rajasthan large reserve of natural gas have been discovered ?
A. Jaisalmer
B. Dholpur
C. Banswara
D. Bikaner
Ans: A Jaisalmer

Q.465 Rajasthan is single largest producer in country of ?
A. Balrley
B. Maize
C. Gram
D. Millet

Q.466 What Fraction of Rajasthan’s land area is desert ?
A. 1/4
B. 1/3
C. 1/2
D. 2/3
Ans: D

Q.467 Which NH goes from Punjab to gujrat through Rajasthan passing by Bikaner and Jaisalmer ?
A. NH 8
B. NH 10
C. NH 11
D. NH 15
Ans: NH 15
Tips: NH 15 passes through Pathankot, Amritsar, Tarn Taran Sahib, Zira, Kotkapura, Bhatinda, Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Barmer. At Bikaner the National Highway 11 terminates on this Highway.

Q.468 "BYTE" is associated with ?
A. Computer
B. Rajasthani Food
C. Unit of Sound
D. Unit of Work
Ans: A (BYTE, BIT, MB, GM, TB(Tera Byte) are Unit of Memory Usage in Computer/Electronic devices.)

Q.469 World Bank Headquarter is situated at ?
A. Geneva
B. Austria
C. New york
D. Washington DC
Ans: D

Q.470 WTO Headquarter is situated at ?
A. Geneva
B. Austria
C. New york
D. Washington DC

Q.471 Australian Open 2013 Woman title winner is ?
A. Victoria Azarenka
B. Li Na
C. Serena Williams
D. Venus Williams
Ans: A

Q.472 Who is winner of 23rd Lal Bahadur Shashtri Hockey Tournament ?
C. Air India
Ans: C

Q.473 Which bollywood actress awarded Bharat Muni Award 2012 ?
A. Rekha
B. Shridevi
C. Hema Malini
D. Jaya Prada
Ans: C

Q.474 Which country in December 2012 got their First Woman President ?
A. North Korea
B. South Korea
C. Austria
D. Australia
Ans: B, South Koria's first woman president Park Geun-Hye

Q.475 Who is chairmen of 14th Finance Commission ?
A. YV Reddy
B. D. Subborao
C. Rangrajan
D. Montek singh Ahluvaliya
Ans: A

Q.476 11 ITU stands for ?
A. Indian Telecom Unions
B. International Telecommunication Union
C. International Trade Union
D. Indian Truck Union
Ans: B

Q.477 Who is new President of Japan ?
A. Shinzo Abe
B. Yoshiko Noda
C. Ban Ki- Moon
D. Yosho Kama
Ans: A

Q.478 The Chief guest on 26th Jan. 2013 belong to country ?
A. Nepal
B. Afganistan
C. Philistine
D. Bhutan
Ans: D, King and queen of Bhutan

Q.479 Who is only player to score three triple century in First Class Cricket ?
A. Virendra Sehwag
B. Sunil Gavaskar
C. Ravindra Jadeja
D. Cheterswar Pujara
Ans: C

Q.480 "Kyoto Protocol-II" is related to ?
A. Nuclear Deal
B. Human rights
C. Climate Change
D. Indo-Pak Boarder talk

Q.481 Surajkund Fair is held in ?
A. Rajasthan
C. Bihar
D. Haryana
Ans: D

Q.482 Rajasthan Explosives is situated at ?
A. Kota
B. Jaipur
C. Dholpur
D. Bikaner

Q.483 The main seat of "Dadu Panth" is situated at ?
A. Nathdwara
B. Salemabad
C. Naraina
D. Deshnok
Ans: C

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